Miracle Mineral Supplement - MMS, Why All The Interest?

This impressive compound, more commonly known as MMS or the Miracle Mineral Supplement, has been around now for close to a decade, and was discovered by the man Jim Humble.

 Who is Jim Humble?...

Back in the mid 1990's whilst on an expedition deep within the forests of South America Jim stumbled upon a truly amazing discovery - one that has subsequently changed the lives of many. Learn more...

What did Jim discover?Chlorine Dioxide Molecule - Lethal To Most Forms of Parasites, Bacteria & Viruses...

Upon further testing, it become evident that the active compound within the water purification drops that Jim was using to make water drinkable, also proved deadly against a parasite that is responsible for millions dying each and every year. Needless to say, this was just the beginning. Learn more...

As time went on, it become evident that the active compound chlorine dioxide was lethal not only to the malaria protozoa, but also virtually all forms of bacteria, fungi, parasites, and a surprising number of viruses.

 Below is a video of one of Jim Humble's long standing advocates - if you need an introduction to the MMS product, then this is it. Have a look...



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