MMS - Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide

A very powerful compound

Did you know that MMS has been used in the treatment of municipal water for more than 70 years...


Chlorine Dioxide as a Water Purification Product and Safe Water Treatment Chemical

Chlorine Dioxide has been used  safely in Municipal Water Purification for almost 60 years! 

The chlorine dioxide molecule has been effectively used in the treatment of our municipal water supplies in Europe and the USA for over 60 years.This compound has been established as a stand alone water sterilization alternative to the more commonly used chlorine, and is becoming used more and more for water purification as chlorine is being phased out.

Chlorine is now being removed from our water supplies due to increasing concerns regarding deadly by-products that are highly carcinogenic, primarily being trihalomethanes (THMs). Also, other elements such as bromine, iodine,  fluorine, as well as other halogens that have been used within our water supplies are now being  recognized as having negative side effects. The element Iodine has been known for a long time to effect the thyroid gland. Chlorine dioxide breaks down into harmless compounds within 2 - 3 hours, and does not create THMs.

In the United States, the piece of legislation named the "Safe Water Drinking Act" and the following amendments made over the 20 years following have required substantial changes being made so as to ensure our drinking water quality is vastly improved. This new legislation stipulates that over a set period of time, chlorine is to be replaced with the much more effective chlorine dioxide compound. Molecule-of-chorine-dioxideUsing chlorine dioxide assists us in two ways, as firstly there are no harmful by-products in the breakdown of this molecule as there is with chlorine, as well as being a much more powerful pathogenic killer as well.

When used in our municipal water supplies, chlorine dioxide must be preapared on site, making it impossble to transport in its active state.The beauty of the Miracle Mineral Solution is via a recent advancement in technology, anyone can now have access to their own personal supply of chlorine dioxide - MMS can be converted on site into chlorine dioxide for your own personal needs!

This affords the average consumer the convenience to purify water whilst travelling outdoors where water quality is questionable, and also prepare for possible disasters and emergencies with water use in your own home.

The clip below allows you to see just how effective the chlorine dioxide compound is within the field of water purification and industry. This compound is also a powerful antagonist to many of the known pathogenic stressors known to modern man. It's well worth a watch... 


Chlorine Dioxide is deadly against virtually all water bourne contaminants:

  • Organic Contaminants - Chlorine dioxide entirely eliminates and sterilizes the following contaminants: water bacteria, viruses, botulism, e. coli, cholera,  Guardia, cryptosporidium. 
  • Carcinogenic Substances such as 3,4-benzopyrene, manganese, iron found in water, odors and unpleasant tastes produced by organic compounds, cyanides in wastwater, as well as all dyes found as a result of chlorophyll and plant matter, and also pesticides. 


 Chemical Treatment Advantages 

  • Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) will not produce Trihalomethanes (THMs) as chlorine does, and won't lead to the formation of bromochloromethane and chloroform as chlorine does.  
  • Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) finds it impossible to react with ammonia, any type of nitrogenous compounds or precursors to form dangerous chloroform derivatives as chlorine does.   


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