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Commonly Asked Questions

What is MMS - is it the same as chlorine?


Common chlorine and the chlorine dioxide compound have very little in common. Chlorine in its elemental form is one of the most common elements on earth, and forms compounds with many other chemicals - table salt being on of them. It is necessary for life, including ours. Chlorine is a powerful oxidizing element, and is most readily found in the ocean's waters. Chlorine combines with virtually every other element to form various salts.

The chlorine dioxide compound is constructed of one chlorine ion and two oxygen ions tightly bound together.

Although chlorine and chlorine dioxide both contain chlorine, they are vastly different in both there application and structure. Both of these chemicals are oxidizers, but only chlorine dioxide will preferentially strip electrons from pathogenic organisms and diseased tissues - whereas chlorine kills anything and everything!

It should be said that Chlorine Dioxide has been long since approved and sanctioned by the Environmental Protection Agency in its capacity to safely remove pathogenic organisms and contaminates like anthrax.

The Miracle Mineral Solution is a standardized mixture containing 28% of sodium chlorite within a distilled water base.

MMS has been used for over 60 years by Water Boards across the country to sanitize our municipal water.

How do I use MMS?

There are a number of various protocols available to use depending upon what one is seeking to treat - usage information provided upon dispatch of your order.

In saying this, it really comes down to one's own personal circumstance, and how comfortable you feel whilst cleansing. Some can move through the program quite quickly, whilst others require a great deal of time. Regardless of how quickly an individual may move through the protocol, it is almost always inevitable that some degree of nausea is encountered, with most experiencing nausea and loose bowels to varying degrees.

This is in fact a positive sign, as this represents a healing that is taking place. Just back off a few drops until such time that symptoms subside, and the crisis passes.

Note: It is generally understood that virtually all mould, yeast, and bacteria will be completely absent by the time that one reaches the end of the protocol. At this time, most of the pathogenic load will be absent from the body, thus allowing all of its energies to be redirected towards the process of healing!

How long does the chlorine dioxide compound remain active within the body?

The chlorine dioxide compound has an approximate half life of between 1 - 2 hours, and by this stage it begins to break down into harmless by prodcts - namely common table salt and carbon dioxide.

What can I do if I can't deal with the taste as the dosage increases?

Low levels of the Miracle Mineral Solution are usually well tolerated, but as the dosage increases taste can begin to become a problem. We suggest finding a juice that contains absolutely NO ascorbic acid content whatsoever, and seeing how you go with this.

Remember, find a juice that contains absolutely No ascorbic acid! This compound is a powerful antagonist to the chlorine dioxide molecule.

Does MMS damage certain body tissues, as I have heard that it's a strong oxidising agent?

This molecule is very selective in what it will destroy and this is where the magic really occurs. This is one of the main reasons that this molecule is so desirable which is not true of ozone, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide or any other oxidizer known - it only kills what it foreign (anaerobic) to the body.

MMS and Dental Amalgams?

Chlorine dioxide cannot oxidize metals. To date, there have been no untoward findings suggesting that amalgams based upon mercury react in anyway at all with mercury fillings. On the other hand, if you were to use hydrogen peroxide, this would be an entirely different story, as this compound oxidizes metals.

What do I do if I have a bad reaction?

The Herxheimer Reaction is a common well known term that means you will generally feel worse before you feel better.

This reaction known as the Herxheimer Reaction is a relatively short term process of detoxification that takes place within the body. When the body detoxifies, it is quite common to experience symptoms that include joint and muscle pain, sore throat, sweating, general malaise, nausea, chills, flu - like symptoms and a host of other symptoms.

It may be difficult to believe, but this is normal and even considered to be a healthy response that reflects bacterial, viral, fungal and other pathogenic die off. One of the biggest issues whilst experiencing this type of symptomology is the urge to cease and desist taking the supplement altogether, and hence forth discontinue the very treatment that has been engaged to assist their return to health! Even though the Herxheimer Reaction may not make you feel on top of the world, it still must be passed through in order to experience the profound health benefits awaiting you on the other side!

This reaction called the Herxheimer Reaction is in effect an immune response to the large number of toxins and metabolic waste material being eliminated whilst detoxification is taking place - it is inevitable when large volumes of pathogenic stressors are being removed from the system all at once. The important point to note is that the apparent worsening of symptoms does not suggest a failure of the protocol, but rather that the MMS system is working on profoundly deep levels of the body - and must be persisted with until the end!


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