Jim Humble

Jim Humble

"I'm the inventor of MMS, a solution that releases small amounts of the most effective germicide known to man in the human body, yet it is totally incapable of causing damage to the body.It is known through out the world as chlorine dioxide".    Jim Humble



The man behind MMS

The man pictured above stumbled upon a simple yet enormously powerful treatment against the Malaria parasite whilst prospecting for gold deep within the jungles of Central America. Not long into the journey, two of his travelling companions fell ill to a most virulent form of Malaria - death was almost certain if medical intervention was not made. Though help was coming, it was going to be too late, as the nearest outpost was more than two days by foot.

The only thing left to do was treat them with a little of Jim Humble's constant travelling companion, which was nothing more than a mild solution of liquid oxygen that Jim had taken with him to make impure water potable to drink. To everyone's amazement, the two stricken men were sitting up within two hours laughing and joking  about their near death experience less than 4 hours later!

Upon his return back to the States, Jim tweaked his formulation over the next several years, and then went deep into the heartland of Africa to test first hand the abilities of his Miracle mineral Solution. Jim went on to treat over 2000 Malaria stricken people personally, and a further 75,000 people as a result of his missionaries.

Smiling African Children

Though not commonly known, Humble began his working career within the aerospace industry and decided to further his studies within the field of research.

Many would be surprised to know that Jim spent time developing the first intercontinental cruise missile, also writing instruction manuals for the very first old style vacuum computers, wired up completely the first machine to be remotely controlled at the Hughs Aircraft Company, and also worked on lunar vehicles!

On top of all this, he also single handedly designed and built the first working model for the automated garage door that we all now take for granted!

Mr Humble has also just recently finished a very detailed book that has now been published. This book outlines virtually everything that one needs to know about the Miracle Mineral Supplement regarding how it works, and anything that a prospective user will need to know. One whole chapter has been completely written by a qualified doctor who goes by the name of Dr Hesselink, in which he lists over 160 scientifically backed papers, as well as citing over 100,000 scientific tests that have been conducted with the same MMS formulation that Jim Humble still prescribes today.

As Jim's background is scientifically driven, and heavily steeped within the field of science, it's easy to see upon studying further into Jim's literature that much science has gone into the product that we call MMS. 

Jim Humble with the Camelot Media Crew

Jim has also written four books outlining the methodology involved in minimizing the risk of chemical contamination whilst reducing minerals from its ore. He also discovered a method in which the metal mercury can be removed completely from the process of gold recovery.

Although these are some of Jim's  achievements, none of these are nearly as important to him as working with different governments around the world in order to eradicate the Malaria parasite from these poorer nations.

Note: Jim does not financially benefit from the sales of the Miracle Mineral Suplement, and is completely altruistic regarding his affiliation with the Miracle mineral Solution. His main priority is getting the word out there to the world via as many avenues as possible. Jim doesn't sell MMS personally, but actively endorses others to do so.



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