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Sarah, 3rd January 2010

I was told 4 weeks ago my mother had month's to live with stage 4 Utinery cancer. I had no options the chemo they said would be only salvage chemo. So I looked to the internet and we came across your product. 4 doctors told me that my Mom was a gonna and its just a matter of time. After taking MMS1 and MMS2 for almost a month the blood tests were re done today and the cancer has almost gone from my mom's body ! The doctors/surgeons said it was a miricle and did not know how to respond. They were amazed !!!!!! MMS is a god send ..... I had my doubts but its true it really is a cancer killer....
John D on the 15th December, 2009
The order has arrived. thank you. as for my cancer, I have sarmous cell
carcinoma of the neck and tongue and is in my lymph nose of my neck. I
have a ozone machine [omtec] and had a port put in my chest for chemo.
had 5 sessions and I had had enough of that poison. started injecting
400 cc of ozone every 12 hours and it seemed to keep it in check ,but
wasn;t killing it all. I saw where this was heading[death] so I got back
on the net and started looking for other alternatives. I had heard
about mms several months ago so I decided to try it. anyway it works,
the cancer is dying . first thing I learned about these cancer doctors
is they stick you full of poison, deplete your immune system and then
send you home to die after the'vesucked your insurance company dry. one
question for you, I was on a alkaline diet before I started mms, does a
alkaline system interfere with mms. I know about the vitaminC as I ran
into the same problem with ozone.[it counter acts against ozone and
neutralizes it] read your book and take juice with vitamin C about 4
hours later so it doesn't interfere withmms. am I on the right track?
also I have been on mms therapy about a month now [9 drops every 12
hours as nausa commences if I go over that] and the cancer has turned
a ugly purple and is draining and does it really stink the only thing
I'm not sure of is how long it will take before it completily drains and
it starts to heal. whats so infuriting about all this is I started
having tooth problems and a small lump on the side of my neck and the
dentist kept telling me it was infection as she kept pulling all of my
top teeth. I finally firgured out something else was going on and went
to a doctor 9MONTHS LATER and found out what was really going on. BAD
CALL. listened to the doctor for several months and saw where this was
heading, so, I took matters in my own hands and started the alkaline
diet and ozone.. All of this helped but didn't completily kill it. MMS
did. John D, Talkeetna Alaska
Laraine H. on the 14th of Nov 
My family have been using the miracle mineral supplement for about 8 months now and we all absolutely swear by its benefits. I am thrilled to have found your web site, and was quite moved when I saw you had included the Project Camelot video, that was the first time I had come across project Camelot after a friend gave me some MMS to try when I was ill. I did some research and found that interview and downloaded the free book. I still have that initial batch but will certainly order some from you soon, as it is nearly all gone. It lasts for ages but we are family of seven adults so its almost empty now !! Especially as my daughters friends all take some when they come round !! May I ask your advice on a matter, my grandson was born three weeks ago and we all live in the same house, with the recent Swine Flu stories abounding I am really worried about him catching it, mostly because of the fever risk attached. What is the youngest age you would consider it safe to begin MMS and what kind of dose would be approximate. I am naturally extremely scared and reluctant to give a young child anything. What do you think? Obviously I understand that you might be adverse to commenting at all !!! But thanks again for the web site and I wish you every success.
Love n Light
Laraine H


Ruth B. on October 29th 2009


I’m writing to find out if MMS would be helpful for a person with Coeliac Disease and Chrohns Disease?

Our dog was just diagnosed with Immune Mediated Haemalitic Anaemia and was given less than two weeks to live. She weighs 4 kg so we started her on half a drop (I was taking it at the same time for a cold so this was easy to do) and increased it to one and a half drops and kept it up there for the two weeks until she had another blood test. We were told that she was fine and to bring her back in a month for another blood test. They did not think the MMS had helped at all but that the worming was the thing that had fixed her. Yeah, right, let’s tell people with aplastic anaemia that all they have to do is worm themselves. Needless to say we will not be going back there – how can you trust them? We are very happy with the outcome as we love our little doggy, Kitty.

Also I usually develop bronchitis from a cold which lasts at least for three months. Nothing from the doctor seems to help and I’ve been to a specialist and he couldn’t help me either. But this time and for the first time in at least 20 years I got a SLIGHT cold for one week. Do I think it was the MMS that helped? You bet!!

Because of the results (I’ve had MMS for a few years now) this time my parents, daughter, son and husband are all taking it. My son is taking it because he has schizophrenia and paranoia and he says it’s making a difference. I never expected that but am still pleased. 

I suppose you gets lots of testimonials like this. I am very thankful for your product.

Kind regards,

Ruth B.


Mel Smythe  on November 15, 2008

I began the protocol during the last week of October and made it all the way to the 15 drops twice per day, and now I have settled back on a dose of 6 drops once each day. At 4 drops I was so nauseous that I brought up everything in my tummy and also had one day of diarrhea - but after this I felt much, much better.

I am a woman of 74 years of age who has had colon cancer and a severe Candida problem for many years. I had tried to get rid of this for many years. Well, the MMS solution got rid of it and now I feel better than I have for at least 20 years! My circulation in my legs and feet have returned - I think that may of been from all the fungus within my body. I am very happy to say that this MMS product seems safe and if you do what the protocol says, results will come. I will try to help others where I live in Canada as I bought six bottles - the biggest problem is getting people to believe it works. I will just keep on trying!




Lara S. on 17-6-2009 @ 05:35 PM

I write this testimonial below as anecdotal evidence...My partner has Herpes Simplex 2, and has been on MMS for 12 weeks. Before he began he had blister outbreaks at least once or twice per month. Since beginning the MMS (moving from 1 drop to 5 drops each day), his symptoms have stopped! He has been on a maintainace dose ever since and still no outbreaks - I am a very happy girl!!

I also decided to take it for 2 months (working myself up to 12 drops twice per day) as I felt that I had brought some unwanted guests back with me from Asia. I am talking parasites, and I wanted the problem resolved. After about week three things really began to happen, and by week five the symptoms that I had at the time were gone!

I understand that this is hardly clinical evidence, so take from it what you will...

It is bizarre but sometimes the solutions are very simple - we as a society tend to overly complicate things, enough of my own ideologies...

Kudos to Jim Humble!!!!



 Anon L. on 23rd Oct 2008

My wife is doing really good with the help of the MMS product. The lump on her throat is virtually gone - she practically has to hurt herself now digging into her neck to even feel it now! We are now preparing to visit our doctor for the follow up X rays, so will keep you guys informed as to what we find.

Oh, by the way, my friend's cat called Dublin which has been almost imobilized with huge tumors is now beginning to gain weight  - with the tumors shrinking in size. The growths are actually starting to go away, and this is after the vet said that nothing more could be done for the cat, and gave it no longer than 2 months to live.

I cannot say this enough - the MMS supplement is truly as its name suggests, a miracle!



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