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Please feel free to peruse our our archival videos. This library will be added to over time, and as new material becomes available.


 Video #1

This clip shows footage of Jim Humble visiting an exhibition featuring a MMS display within Mexico, illustrating just how many this product is reaching. The second part is  a real life testimonial from a young mother and her experience with the MMS solution. Her baby's persistent and serious infection was resolved within 15 minutes.



Video #2

A man by the name of Adam Abraham speaks in the next clip about a recent professional documentary that he has produced regarding the miracle mineral solution. This man is quite well known publically, and runs his own radio program featuring many famous guests. The clip features Adam Abraham travelling to Mexico and the resulting interviews. Have a watch...



Video #3

This clip features Jim Humble speaking out about his most recent book. Much of the book is outlined in detail, as well as more detailed material given on the finer aspects of the mechanics of the MMS solution. This piece also is full of many short excerpts from more comprehensive interviews on MMS. Have a watch...




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